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Is there Nvidia 320M driver supporting GLSL 1.3 (OpenGL 3) and up on OS X 10.9?


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I have MacBook Pro 13" mid 2010 with nvidia 320M integrated chip running OS X 10.9.

Is there any way to get new driver? Because Apple supplied one doesn't support GLSL 1.3, but I know that my GPU is capable of GLSL 1.3 because on Ubuntu 13.04 and Windows 7 with newer driver GLSL 1.3 (OpenGL 3) is working flawlessly.


I'm asking here rather than on official apple forums, because I think that perhaps you could have better insights into non-Apple drivers. 


I have upgraded my beloved Snow Leopard only to get higher GLSL support but has been left out in the wind by Apple that they didn't update driver for my macbook. I can develop my project on Linux, but without Xcode it is much more hassle, not speaking about dual booting :/.


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