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  1. Hello, I have MacBook Pro 13" mid 2010 with nvidia 320M integrated chip running OS X 10.9. Is there any way to get new driver? Because Apple supplied one doesn't support GLSL 1.3, but I know that my GPU is capable of GLSL 1.3 because on Ubuntu 13.04 and Windows 7 with newer driver GLSL 1.3 (OpenGL 3) is working flawlessly. I'm asking here rather than on official apple forums, because I think that perhaps you could have better insights into non-Apple drivers. I have upgraded my beloved Snow Leopard only to get higher GLSL support but has been left out in the wind by Apple that they didn't update driver for my macbook. I can develop my project on Linux, but without Xcode it is much more hassle, not speaking about dual booting :/.
  2. Josko

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    Congratulations and thanks heliox! This is great news for me as I was trying to get my GRUB boot ISO from hard drive with no success... I'll try it tommorow as I have to wait an hour to complete download of Leo4Allv2. I have 8800GT and E-MU 0202 USB soundcard so I'll have no problem with HW drivers except IDE DVD Drive, I will post result tommorow.
  3. Josko

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    gedebukk: Exactly how did you copyed DVD image to partition? I tryed many ways and no success: First try was to use dd (because I am using linux) to copy ISO image to partiton but it wont boot directly from HDD nor with help of GRUB. Second try was to use restore function of Disk Utility in Mac OS X Tiger in VMware with using physical HDD (there was few problems like when I choosed to erase partitrion with HFS+ it whas doing something and in log it was telling that it is formating partition to HFS+ but result was original FAT32 partition, but at the end It formatted it to hfs+) but also this was not bootable. Thirt try was to use USB to IDE Box with HDD - I used dd to copy iso image to HDD directly ( not if=image.iso of=/dev/sdc1 but I set it to if=image.iso of=/dev/sdc ), but this was not bootable as well.. Fourth try was to connect IDE DVD-RW drive to USB to IDE Box but It wont worked at all. And when I tryed to erase logical partition with Mac OS X in vmware to HFS+ it messed up thing that even testdisk was unable to recover them so I had to repartition harddisk :/ (and before that luckyly had chance - because of that linux kernel has still /dev/sdbX mapped to adress of partition - to copy 100GB data to external drive) and from that scary event I stopped with trying . Is there any other way how to install leopard without using SATA DVD Drive or external DVD drive only with IDE DVD Drive? BTW. I have P5Q-E with bios from here http://osrom.net/biosmod/ only problem is that I have "still waiting for root device" issue with ATA DVD Drive...