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Strange Audio Recognition Error


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Hello, it is my first time making a hackintosh of Maverick official version. I have googled around for a while. I am having problem with audio. I tried with VooDooHDA several versions using Mult  Beast or Knext Utility. No success.


My laptop is a Lenovo Z400


This is system info dump


ven id         Vendor       DevID   Device                       Class   Subclass

8086           Intel        1e59    HM76 Express LPC controller   Bridge    ISA
               Intel        1e3a    7 serires c210 MEI controller #1 Communication b 
               Intel        1e31                    USBxHCIcontroller
               Intel        1e2d                    USB Enhanced Host 1
               Intel        1e26                    USBxEnhanced Host 2
               Intel        1e22                    SMBus Controller
               Intel        1e20                    HD audio
               Intel        1e12                    PCI Express Root 2
               Intel        1e10                    PCI Express Root 1
               Intel        1e03                    Sata bridge
               Intel        0888     Cntrino Wireless -N 2230
               Intel        0166     3rd Gen Graph Controler
               Intel        0154     3rd Gen DRAM Controler
10ec           Realtek      8136     RTL8101E/RTL812E PCI Express Ethernet
Sometimes, the MB installs but the system gives an error, "install incorrectly"
Sometimes, "Can't get registry-entry path"
Sometimes, with VT2021 I can have several channels in the drop down, all scrambled.
However, I suspect whether my audio card is really Intel as I googled around a for while.
I searched online and found the CNET.com have the spec, it says ALC269Q
I have attached the evidence in pictures.
Can anyone help me?



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There are two chipsets involved in making sound.  The audio controller and the audio codec.  Most often, but not always, the controller is IBM and the codec is Realtek.  To find a driver, you need to know the codec.


You can find this if you can boot Windows.  Go to Device Manager and find the Audio section.  Click on the little arrow to reveal the audio devices.  For each device, right-click on a device and select Properties.  In the dialog box that pops up, click on the Details tab.  Then in the pop-up menu, select Hardware IDs.  Record the hex numbers following VEN_ and DEV_.


The VEN_ for Realtek is 10EC.  The number following the DEV_ for Realtek is the codec number.  It might be 269, or 887, or 888 or some other number.  That is the driver you will be looking for.

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