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  1. EDID generator

    hi i have a question do we can this script using for chameleon bootloader Instead of clover bootloader to running hackintosh in my laptop with radeon 7650m? if this is possible please help me for this .
  2. Thanks Edwin_3930K.... But not works for me
  3. hi i could solved my problem by Frormat 3 first drive my computer
  4. HI i recently installed mavericks 10.9 final not boot after install with clover ( i use clover bootloader because my Graphics card radeon 7650m worked only by clover ) even when i disable ineject ati and edid and rom but my hackintosh stoped in boot loading. I've never had this problem. but i have this probelm at now i install A few times but not worked (i dont have problem and easy with chameleon but my graphics card not work) i use my hack 3.3 and 3.2 for making install usb maker. this picture is my problem in boot loading: please guid me.
  5. Strange Audio Recognition Error

    hi i used these kext in link for my Realtek sound card (Realtek ALC269Q-VB6-GR) and worked in 10.9dp1 : http://applelife.ru/threads/toshiba-l850-13r-amd7670m.39673/ but in 10.9 gm and final not worked have idea anyone ?
  6. Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

    hi anyone tested 635m in mavericks or ML?
  7. New Nvidia Retail Driver Install Solution

    how to enabled geforce gt 635m for laptop ?
  8. How would I get my EDIDs?

    you can use EDIDManager http://www.extron.com/ and then you inserted in config file in clover
  9. which framebuffer and what modification?

    i used BootDiskUtility for making usb bootloader and then updated their file with clover file in CloverISO-2061. but when i clicked about this mac my hachintosh been unlogin i upload config file : http://www.mediafire.com/download/w4u6nm44qbfu6o0/config.plist
  10. voodooHDA alc269 loses sync over time.

    how to enable alc269 in mavericks mac with clover bootloader? my mac recognize alc269 when i enabled fix sound in dsdt in clover bootloader but not work (not work my laptop internal speaker and mic and i cant decrease and increase volume...) i installed AppleHDA.kext and IOAudioFamily.kext (4072-AppleHDA) and AppleHDA.kext
  11. which framebuffer and what modification?

    hi i have proble with my clover i maked smbios and config file with clover cofigure but when i clicked about this mac my hachintosh been unlogin i am sorry for my bad enlish . (my graphics card worked perfectly and i could run game and run dvd palyer and my lvds worked with your help thanks) http://www.mediafire.com/download/8llh2fz125wl0d6/clover2061-7650m.rar
  12. ACPIBatteryManager

    how to i do patch my dsdt?
  13. which framebuffer and what modification?

    very very thanks worked my LVDS as soon i prepared kext and config file for public release
  14. which framebuffer and what modification?

    i can enable peg for only geraphics card in bios (my bios insyde h2o unlocked ) and i disable igd (integral Graphics device) can these help me for enable my lvds?
  15. which framebuffer and what modification?

    No i extracted EDID by edidmaneger http://www.extron.com/ but FixEDID find this numbers(DisplayProductID & DisplayVendorID) by self i use clover ( i instal clover in usb ) and i injected EDID (extracted EDID by edidmaneger) but LVDS not work.... is any way for Enable my lvds ? please guide me