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Help with asus p6tse install please

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Hi guys,


I have a very quick and stable version of 10.8.5 which I am really happy with.  Obviously I want to move over to Mavericks.  What is the best way of doing this.  With ml i used mountain lionize which worked a treat but I am struggling to get the same results with pandora.  I used pandora to create a bootloader which will install to a spare HDD I have however when the install completes the boot is taking forever and it seems really jerky.  Would someone be able to tell me what kexts I need to put in the extra folder and what I need to put in s/l/e to get a nice stable boot that I am happy with so I can migrate over and get rid of ml.


spec is asus p6tse i7 920

12gb 1333 ram

geforce 640 


cheers guys



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