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Sleep/Wake on Asrock Z77 PRO4


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I have all of my hardware (on my sig) working almost perfectly, what I do not have working is sleep/wake. 


When setting the computer to sleep, the screen goes black but the computer fans stay spinning. If comes of this "sleep" just fine. From what I've read it this might be fixable using a DSDT.


The thing is I do not know if it is possible to use a DSDT with Clover or how to "create" one. Although I'm not computer illiterate I'm a little afraid of ruining my currently pretty nice system. 


Can I enable sleep/wake without the need of DSDT and using a kext instead?


I currently have this BIOS flashed: http://biosrepo.wordpress.com/asrock/z77/


Can someone shed me some lights?


Thanks in advance to all the community that's been so helpful since the beginning.

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Hi poispois,


I have the same motherboard, but with i5-3570k, no GPU card, using Intel HD4000.

Sleep works properly in 10.8.5, all fans stop spinning.


I am using my own patched BIOS since biosrepo hasn't updated to the latest ASRock BIOS version.

More info: http://biosrepo.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/simple-way-to-patch-your-own-bios/


Even though I am not using Clover, I am quite sure it supports user provided DSDT.

The easiest way to create one is with MacIASL using pjalm repositories:

Add these repositories to MacIASL (guides):




Create your DSDT (read NOTE at the bottom of the guide before starting):


In your case select Z77 PRO4 first, click apply, then select nVidia/ATI, click apply.


Also, in my chameleon.org.boot.plist, I have the following switches - try to find Clover alternatives:

darkwake=0 EthernetBuiltIn=Yes USBBusFix=Yes


You also might want to create your own SSDT tables for better speedstepping and power management.

Combined with DropSSDT=Yes in chameleon.org.boot.plist and Macmini6,2 smbios I get the best performance of all combinations.


Hope this helps.

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My differences from you are that I have both ethernet and wifi working apart from the GPU.


Do you use a DSDT or is the BIOS sufficient for sleep/wake functionality?


I've searched in S/L/E and I don't have NullCPUPowerManagement.kext is this right?


I've also read that there is a SleepEnabler fix but i'm afraid my boot can get corrupted somehow.


Thanks for the help.

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I have a WiFi card too that is recognised as an Airport card. I also have a firewire controller and another e-sata controller plugged in. It all works nice.


I am not sure if sleep works without DSDT, haven't even tried since I just copied my working DSDT and SSDT when I installed ML.


If you have flashed the patched BIOS, you can use native AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext without the need for NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. Apart from this and DSDT edits, there is no other SleepEnabler trick that I know of.


It should be quite painless to try the method I suggested. You are not going to mess with system files - only DSDT, SSDT and boot switches. If your machine doesn't boot, you can easily revert changes.


Maybe you can install Chameleon alongside Clover and boot it with key '1' so you don't mess up your Clover config.

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