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How to make Clover works?


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Hi, all:

   I am trying my best to use the latest version of Clover, but after try many times, I failed finally.

during the whole stage, I found my clover is too wired....


Let me say one by one:

My Laptop spec:
1. Dell Latitude E6320
CPU: Core i5 2520m (Sandy Bridge,2.5G, Turbo 3.2G)
Mamo: intel QM67
Memory: 2G*2
HDD: Samsung SSD 830(128G)
netcard:Intel 82579LM(Vid 8086,Pid 1502)
Wireless Card:Atheros AR5B91
Bluetooth:Dell Dw375(BCM92070MD)
Sound:IDT92HD90BXX(VID 111D, PID76E7)
Touchpad:Alps Electric

I put following drivers into EFI\Clover\Driver64UEFI

Darwin Dump Report:






1. I current use clover V1958

It works, but the config.plist is wired. I used a <String></String> in plist file, so it is not a standard plist file, but the clover could boot into OSX, If I change the <String> to <string>, let the plist file to be standard version, the clover couldn't boot into OSX.

below is the config.plist which I used, and can boot into OSX in Clover V1958.



The fist question: why the clover couldn't load into OSX after I changed the config.plist to standard version?


2. After boot into OSX, I use the Clover Genconfig to get the config.plist which should be work for my laptop,

   a). dumped Config.plist by using Getcloverconfig for V1672+. Failed both in clover V1958 & V2236.



  B). Dumped Config.plist by using Clover-Genconfig for V1980+, Both failed in Clover V1958 & V2236.



The second question: Why the different config.plist which dumped by different Genconfig script didn't work?


3. I tried to write a config.plist for Clover V2236, I used the Clover Configurator, and try to use this config to boot into OSX, but still failed....

config-2236 2.plist.zip


The third question: Do I need to add some other parameters?


4. I couldn't get the Verbose mode work, even I add "-v" in Boot-Argus in config.plist, the screen only shows as below picture. after that, the login screen of Mac OSX shows up....


The fifth questions: How can make the Verbose mode work....?


5. I couldn't change the themes no matter I modified the config.plist, or use the Clover preference panel. after I changed the themes name, the clover only use applestyle theme..... I deleted the applestyle theme, and only keep one theme like black_green, after reboot, the clover became the blue ugly one....(without any theme shows)


the sixth question: How can I make the theme work?


Sorry, I have too may questions, I have already tried no less than 100 times, but it still couldn't work....


any feedback is appreciated. thanks in advance.

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after the rev 2000 the config is changed


take a good read here




u 1958 config.plist have problems is not a valid .plist


my advice yo u is to read about clover.. is so many info.. and clover is a advanced boot loader


good hack

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Dear artur-pt:

    Thank you for your kind help. :-)


    You are right, after rev 2000, the config.plist changed a lot, and I have already read the wiki many times, and i followed it and use clover configurator to make the new config.plist for rev 2236, but it still not works.


    the rev 1958 config.plist is not a valid .plist file, that's right, because at the line 103, the <String>, I used a wrong word (upper S), it is not recognized by .plist file....But, only in this way, I used an invalid config.plist file, I could boot into OSX, if I changed the S, to make this config.plist file valid, I couldn't be able to boot into OSX, that's so abnormal, so I ask for help.

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