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Help with Mavericks on Z87M-D3H


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Hello to All


Below is the list of h/w on which I'm trying to install Mavericks


Mobo - Gigabyte Z87M-D3H

Proc - Intel i5 4430 (3 ghz)

Ram - Corsair Vengeance 4gb (1600)

Onboard graphics (Intel4600)

160gb SATA HDD

Asus DVD drive


I've made a USB installer (500gb Seagate expansion drive) using Hackintosh install Guide - v4.1 - With Sreenshots.pdf on a 10.6.6 Snow leopard mac pro.



I have installed but am running into a wall everytime I try to boot normally. I can only boot in safe mode with -v -x flags, otherwise it halts. 




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Based on the picture, it appears that your graphics HD 4600 is preventing you from getting to the Desktop.  iFIRE is pointing you to a DSDT edit that enables HD 4600.


I have read that the alternate bootloader, Chimera, recently was updated with HD 4600 injection.  You might look into trying the most recent release of that.

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