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...personally, i think the maps app blows dead buffalo chunks...horrible resolution....terrible interface...many areas only grey-scale(not color)

...i dislike g**glemaps....but this app is even worse

...seems the app has no maps for that area... :hysterical:

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I think that this is something with the ethernet connection. 

My configuration is Intel Dual Core 2.8 Ghz processor, mobo ASRock Wolfdale1333-M with perfect DSDT form MaLd0n, AMD HD4670 working with GraphicsEnabler=yes, 3 gigs of RAM, SATA HDD. Movist video player show that I`ve got QE/CE and hardware acceleration, graphics card pass all benches, dvd player also work.


In org.chameleon.boot.plist I add "device-properties" for the ethernet card because when I upgrade to Mavericks, just EthernetBuiltIn=yes wasn't working for logging in AppStore and all apple apps. Now I`ve got both "device-properties" and "EthernetBuiltIn". 


My attention is taken now from the my position icon, whom is inactive in my maps, but I see that in yours is in blue - so its active  :ph34r:

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