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XPS 410 - Installer only with -x, HDD not in Disk Utilties

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I have gotten into the installer but I can not format my hard drive through disk utitlties. I saw that you had to enable AHCI in bios, and found out that option isn't in the Bios for my system. I then followed http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/61869-ahci-enable-windows-7-vista.html to enable AHCI, and everything seemed to work but my hard drive still doesn't show up. Before that I also tried reinstalling Windows 7 and downgrading/upgrading my bios.


I found that IOTAfamily.kext file which supposedly fixed the problem of it not getting picked up by Disk Utilities. I installed using Kext Wizard, but to be honest I am not sure if I did that right. I chose the System/Library/Extensions option when installing the kext. 


My original problem was that I would get the Apple Logo and then a white screen and beach ball forever. I have now been booting into the installer with the -x chameleon command. Could that be causing the problem? 


This is causing a lot of headache and I really would like some help. Thank you! 


Here are my specs, just in case:

Intel Core 2 Duo running at 1.8ghz


2gb ram

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I am now able to get into the installer after following this post.



However, my Hard Drive still isn't showing up in Disk Utilities. I will try setting it to Auto-Detect like the guy mentioned in the post above and see what happens. 

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