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Overclock - How to an AMD/ATI GPU in 10.9?

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First the story: I'm currently using a 7770 with my hackintosh. My motherboard doesn't support OC at all so I cannot use factory OC GPUs with my PC (My 7770 is factory OCed but I downclock it in Windows using EasyBoost). If I try to use my card for prolonged periods without downclocking, it eventually hangs and I have to restart.


Now the problem: The hanging problem is also happening in my hackintosh. I confirmed by using Unigine Heaven benchmarking utility and it left my screen unresponsive in the middle of the benchmark.


Lastly the question: How do I underclock my GPU in Mac? I tried using ATIccelerator II but it isn't working.


Thanks a lot,

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Hi, you should make use of your warranty and get another 7770, if you are sure that it is the card's fault.


You can edit the frequencies manually in the card's video bios, which will be a permanent solution for both Windows and Mac without the need for overclocking tools. Look here for instructions, you will need to change the GPU Clock (marked red).

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It's not the card's fault. My motherboard comes from ancient Egypt where they didn't overclock their GPUs.


Editing the frequencies will void the warranty, right? How much is the risk factor that I end up with a dead GPU?

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I don't see the problem. If your GPU is overclocked by default, then it only means that the vendor used different frequencies than the ones set for the reference model. They are defined by the GPU, not by the motherboard.

What model is it by the way?


The warranty will be gone, yes. There is always a small risk of something not going as planned but generally flashing from DOS with a valid video bios is considered safe.

Make a backup of your current vbios, double check everything you do, and it should be fine.

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