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  1. Overclock graphic card with Clover

    I know, I just needed to know which data type you were using. Now I know it's Data. I was using String. Thanks, appreciate your help!
  2. Overclock graphic card with Clover

    Thanks for the guide. Here's how to use PatchVBiosBytes: http://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Configuration/Graphics#Inject-/-ATI Also, can you please copy and paste the data from your config.plist file here?
  3. OSX don't run after update 10.8.5

    Try booting with -v and see where it gets stuck, and Google it or post it here if you can't find any helpful threads.
  4. Overclock - How to an AMD/ATI GPU in 10.9?

    Alright, I'll try it. Thanks! My motherboard is Intel G33. I know that it's not the GPU's fault as I've used this GPU in my primary i7 build and it worked fine without any issues at all.
  5. Overclock - How to an AMD/ATI GPU in 10.9?

    It's not the card's fault. My motherboard comes from ancient Egypt where they didn't overclock their GPUs. Editing the frequencies will void the warranty, right? How much is the risk factor that I end up with a dead GPU?
  6. Hi, First the story: I'm currently using a 7770 with my hackintosh. My motherboard doesn't support OC at all so I cannot use factory OC GPUs with my PC (My 7770 is factory OCed but I downclock it in Windows using EasyBoost). If I try to use my card for prolonged periods without downclocking, it eventually hangs and I have to restart. Now the problem: The hanging problem is also happening in my hackintosh. I confirmed by using Unigine Heaven benchmarking utility and it left my screen unresponsive in the middle of the benchmark. Lastly the question: How do I underclock my GPU in Mac? I tried using ATIccelerator II but it isn't working. Thanks a lot,
  7. 7970 no Display with Clover bootloader

    To anyone else who encounters this problem and is reading this: Strangely enough, using a different monitor with DVI worked. So try a second monitor, or a third. Also try using different ports.
  8. 7970 no Display with Clover bootloader

    No probs, thanks again
  9. 7970 no Display with Clover bootloader

    Thanks a lot! I'll try this and let you know. Can you please tell me if HDMI works with 7970?
  10. 7970 no Display with Clover bootloader

    Through DVI.
  11. 7970 no Display with Clover bootloader

    I used Clover bootloader to install Mavericks to my build using the integrated graphics of my system (HD 4000) as installer wasn't giving any display. After setting up Mavericks completely and connecting my graphics card, clover boots up into a black screen (display goes on standby, if I type my password and press enter, the system works for a bit to open the mac desktop but the display stays blank). My system config is as follows: Core i7 3770 GA H77-DS3H 16GB RAM Gigabyte 7970 3GB (GV-7970OC-3GD) After searching around, my card is supported by Clover and Mavericks by default, so why can't I get any display on my main card? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really need my graphics card to work with my hackintosh for editing and animation purposes. EDIT: I also tried connecting a GTX 660 to my machine and booting up with the display connected to 660. The hackintosh worked flawlessly. So what do I need to do to make it work with 7970? Thank you!