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Chameleon Version and AMD Graphics


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I have a MSI 6850 installed on Gigabyte B75M-HD3. When I use Chameleon bundled in MyHack or [censored :P], the graphics works fine, but when I overwrite Chameleon from Chameleon Wizard to the latest SVN, the graphics no longer works.


With ge=no boot flag:

Chameleon Wizard - resolution in 1024x768, can't recognize the chip

MyHack - resolution in 1920x1080, chip was recognized as Radeon 6xxx series with 1GB RAM


With ge=yes boot flag:

Chameleon Wizard - halted, no log-in screen appeared.

MyHack - resolution in 1920x1080, chip was correctly recognized as Radeon 6850 with 1GB RAM


It seems that the latest SVN build from official Chameleon is not the version I need to make my hackintosh operate correctly. I thought 6850 was added into the Chameleon supported list long ago though. Maybe there's something I missed?


Anyway there's a workaround: switch back to MyHack. However I'm curious about what's going on there.


BTW I'm trying switching to Clover, but never have the luck: Themes are broken, and the log in screen never shows up.

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