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Can only boot with safe boot GTX 660


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I updated the GPU in my hackintosh today to the evga gtx 660.


Now I can only boot in safe mode on my computer.

In safe mode the GPU is recognized.

When i try to boot without -x everything begins normally then the gray screen comes up.

It disappears shortly after and a black screen comes up. I have attached a photo of what this screen says.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Those messages from launchd seem to be from a Mac or Hack shutting down. Doesn't make sense.


Remove any kind of graphics injection you were using before and set GraphicsEnabler=n in /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist.


Delete the contents of /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup and reboot.


GTX 660 works by itself with no help, except if you need HDMI audio I guess. Never tried it.

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Thanks for the suggestions!
Yes its quite strange, but what you told me to do makes sense.
I had the ati5000injector in there in previous attempts to get the old gpu working.

I deleted the contents of that folder and the injector then ran kext utility and the contents of that folder came back.
Still the same problem on boot.

Deleted the contents of the folder and rebooted without running kext utility.
Still had the same problem on boot.


I've searched everywhere to find this same problem but have found nothing.

Maybe I'm not searching for the right thing?

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I don't know where it's installed...you're supposed to know that, you installed it.....now you have to get rid of it.


That's what you get for using automated tools...they are supposed to make things easier but they never do...it's always better to do things by hand as far as possible. Otherwise you lose control.


There's no reason to run kext utility when deleting kernel extensions, just delete the caches from that folder and reboot.

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Okay thank you again for your help! I deleted all of the kexts that I added post install then deleted the caches from the folder and rebooted.
It still returns to the same screen when I boot without -x.


I only use kext utility because I keep reading about repairing disk permissions after adding a kext to s/l/e.


At this point I am ready to reformat the drive and begin with a fresh install of ML.



Edit- I should add my specs.
AMD FX-4130

MSI 970A-G46



The old graphics card was XFX-ATI Radeon 5450.
The system would boot from the hdd no problem pre-installation of the gtx660.

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