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  1. AMD Hackintosh Help

    I've posted in the help topic to no avail. Could you help me out?
  2. Hey Everyone! After much frustration in trying to get 10.8.3 to work with my fx 4130 and an EVGA GTX-660.... I have a Sapphire Radeon 6870 on the way and will be returning the 660. When I receive this card I plan to install a fresh copy of Lion 10.7.4. Is there anything specific I need to do to make this card work ootb with a fresh install of 10.7.4? I would like to have my usb installer ready when the card arrives. I have the following MB and CPU. AMD FX-4130 MSI 970A-G46 Thanks for your time!
  3. AMD Hackintosh Help

    From what I've read, open cl and cuda work almost the same. I think I will go ahead and buy the 6870. I cant find a new one online, but there are used ones for 75$ on ebay. Once I get the card is there anything special I have to do on my Lion install?
  4. AMD Hackintosh Help

    Thank you so much again! I would really like to take full advantage of AE & PP CS6 with the card i buy. With the 6870 I wont get open gl or cuda will I?
  5. AMD Hackintosh Help

    Well that sure does explain a lot. Thank you for that information. So this card is completely un-usable? Bummer...i can return it and buy something compatible. I will install lion and buy an older card if it is the only thing to do, short of upgrading my whole system. What is the best card for my money that is compatible? (sorry for all the questions, im new) Also, where can i find this amd forum? I have completed all quizzes since posting this topic.
  6. Can only boot with safe boot GTX 660

    Okay thank you again for your help! I deleted all of the kexts that I added post install then deleted the caches from the folder and rebooted. It still returns to the same screen when I boot without -x. I only use kext utility because I keep reading about repairing disk permissions after adding a kext to s/l/e. At this point I am ready to reformat the drive and begin with a fresh install of ML. Edit- I should add my specs. AMD FX-4130 MSI 970A-G46 EVGA GTX-660 The old graphics card was XFX-ATI Radeon 5450. The system would boot from the hdd no problem pre-installation of the gtx660.
  7. Can only boot with safe boot GTX 660

    Thanks for the suggestions! Yes its quite strange, but what you told me to do makes sense. I had the ati5000injector in there in previous attempts to get the old gpu working. I deleted the contents of that folder and the injector then ran kext utility and the contents of that folder came back. Still the same problem on boot. Deleted the contents of the folder and rebooted without running kext utility. Still had the same problem on boot. I've searched everywhere to find this same problem but have found nothing. Maybe I'm not searching for the right thing?
  8. Can only boot with safe boot GTX 660

    I updated the GPU in my hackintosh today to the evga gtx 660. Now I can only boot in safe mode on my computer. In safe mode the GPU is recognized. When i try to boot without -x everything begins normally then the gray screen comes up. It disappears shortly after and a black screen comes up. I have attached a photo of what this screen says. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. AMD Hackintosh Help

    Awesome! Ethernet is working. I bought a new GPU today, EVGA GTX 660. Now my system will only boot when I boot into safe mode. When booting normally it gets to the gray load screen then goes to another window that has several lines that are similar to this... apple.launchd 1 com.apple.UserEventAgent-LockInWindow 174 Stopping Job
  10. AMD Hackintosh Help

    I have the MSI 970A-G46 Motherboard if that helps at all. The audio is working. However I still cannot get the GPU to be recognized. It is the XFX ATI Radeon 5450
  11. AMD Hackintosh Help

    When I turn on my computer it comes up with an error for the voodoohda that is already there. What does lan n of chipset mean? Sorry, Im new. Also, my RAM is reading 800 MHz...not sure why? Thank you for your help!!!
  12. AMD Hackintosh Help

    Okay I solved the problem and I can boot into osx from the hard drive. Now to get the audio, ethernet and GPU working. How do I know what to look for when it comes to getting these things to work?
  13. AMD Hackintosh Help

    An update. I got ML to install onto my hard drive using MyHack. The problem I have now is that it will not boot from the hard drive. I'm 99% sure its because I cannot get the mach_kernal to copy from the usb to the mac hd. When I try to boot it stops almost immediately. If i use -f as a bootflag it runs into a kernal panic further down the line. I believe this is mach_kernal related as well. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. AMD Hackintosh Help

    I am to the point right before installing ML. I am booting up in verbose mode with arch=x86_64 -v This is where things come to halt. If i do not type any boot options I get stuck on the white apple logo screen and must start over. Please help! I have attached an image of where things stop when booting. UPDATE: This problem is solved. The reply below this one is where my problem lies now.