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General questions about DSDT


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I have a couple of questions regarding DSDT creation, I'm ok with all what concerns kexts/binary patches etc by I never really created my own DSDT.


Currently on my laptop I'm using the DSDT created by another user with the same model.


Here you go:


- what's the best software to use and up to date? Maciasl? DSDT editor?


- Why if I decompile the patched DSDT I'm using and try to compile it I get errors? Should it be clean from errors? (If I get errors I saw Maciasl doens't save the aml file and I don't understand how was possible to create in the first place)


- To test a DSDT is it safe enough to put in the Extra folder with a different name than dsdt.aml


- is there a generic repo for patches for MAcIasl? I saw there are many but motherboard specific... I was looking for some generic patches like then ones bundled with DSDT Editor




Thanks for any asnwers you can give me.

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