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    Hibernation on laptop.

    What's the general feedback on https://github.com/acidanthera/HibernationFixup ? I have a DELL XPS 9360 at the minute, sleep works and power management. But would love to have proper hibernation working to save battery over longer periods when the laptop is closed. Does it work ? Any gotchas to make it work ? Any feedback would be appreciated. At the moment I'm running a config.plist with "NeverHibernate" and I've run these at the time of install: sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 sudo pmset -a autopoweroff 0 sudo pmset -a standby 0 sudo rm /private/var/vm/sleepimage sudo touch /private/var/vm/sleepimage sudo chflags uchg /private/var/vm/sleepimage
  2. Out of curiosity is there any power management working with Catalina ? Does sleep work and speedstep ?
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    thanks here's the log also I run this after booting, sleeping and waking. I will check on Linux asap nvme_also_sleep.txt
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    will try, I've also used the Console app. Can see the log but nothing for those entries you mentioned.
  5. Thanks for the info! I'll probably be back in touch in few months..
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    Nothing in /var/log/system.log for "apst" or "nvmef" (I searched case insensitive, only stuff is in dimesg) Not sure what do to next.
  7. ok, will try 1 or 2GB version. Do you know if there's hope for the Internal Speaker to work ? Since now I'll probably get back on this in few weeks, do you suggest moving to Catalina or stay on Mojave ? It would be nice to get an updated guide starting a new thread for this machine,
  8. as I need to purchase a GPU , do you suggest gt 710 1gb or 2gb ? Or other models ? (something budget)
  9. Would the HD5450 be better ? I have both ....somewhere. Just need to find it.
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    @978b029efa981d618699b09868 here's the output of dmesg from Mojave... let me know what you need from ubuntu dmesg.txt
  11. @chris1111 sorry to disturb, do you think I'll get into problems trying the GT610 on 10.14.6 ? I saw you are maintaining a package for 10.15 but wondering if you can advise on 10.14.6 for GT610. Sorry a bit rusty on this.
  12. Thanks for all the help. Last thing before I start attempting this later this week - Are you HFS+ or APFS formatted ?
  13. Do I just need those Other kexts you sent ? Anything else ? I was expecting more kexts somehow... but maybe just used to my laptop needing more...
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    You mean in syslog ? I can find that out. If you tell me what you need from Ubuntu I'll get it for you, and thanks again for starting to look at this problem.
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    I have a Dell XPS 9360 with PC300 NVMe SK hynix 256GB...which isn't power managed and makes the laptop quite warm and limit its battery life... I've installed the NVMeFix.kext in kexts/Other of my EFI/CLOVER folder. Looking with IORegistry I can see apst set to TRUE but no changes in termperature or power reported by the Intel Power Gadget. Attached my IORegistry dump... anything else I can try ? I would love to power manage the NVME... Thanks again for all your efforts @978b029efa981d618699b09868 forumusername.ioreg.txt
  16. Thanks. I will try as soon as I get the chance. Likely next week...quick question; is there any config change to make between GT710 and 610 ? (if you know)
  17. Thanks, I was looking if someone is running a DELL 780 with GT610 so a ready to go EFI folder would have been easier for me. I think most of the stuff probably is unchanged from 10.13 but I wanted something ready to deploy... if there is anyone running this config.
  18. Hi Everyone, Does anyone an EFI folder they could share to install Mojave with a GT610 or an HD5450 ? Still on 10.10 here and could do with upgrading.. Thanks in advance!!
  19. Is there a guide for installing 10.14 on Dell 780 ? Thanks
  20. Thanks man, I have a Core2Quad 9650(with SSE4) and a nvidia GT610. This worked like a charm in 10.9 wondering if the nvidia GT610 is ok with 10.13 ?
  21. Hi, It's a long time since my last post when 10.10 was around... I need to re-install 10.13 on my DELL 780. Can someone point me to a working link for clover ? Thanks!
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    GT 730 causes blinking of the screen

    Hi, Has someone tried the GT730 in 10.10 ? What boot flags are you using ? What driver version ? Is it fully working without issues ? Thanks....
  23. Hi, I'm about to install OSX on the known working DELL Optiplex 780 platform. The system has a Intel Q45 Express chipset, and a Core 2 Quad Q9650, as I've used in the past a laptop with proper power management working I was wondering if you think that on such chipset and CPU is possible to enable power management, as I would like to not leave the CPU at 3GHz all the time... Do I just need a proper DSDT ? Or also SSDT (or is that only for iX processors ?) Do you think it's do-able ? I'm thinking to install 10.9 Thanks all!