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Installing Mavericks GM on new build - i7-4770k, Gigabyte Z87M-D3H, HD7970 - with Windows 8 dual boot

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I'm looking to install the official Mavericks GM build (from dev center).


Currently I'm running Windows 8 from my SSD with my documents/media on an external HD. Is it possible to partition the SSD (without wiping Windows) and install Mavericks straight to that?


I gather that once the SSD is set up correctly, I need to use the myHack tool and it should be fairly simple from there right? I have access to another intel-based mac to set up myHack on my USB stick. If there's a guide you recommend feel free to post it - the more help the better :)



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@BADLY_MAN I agree with, and it's much easier to install OS X on hard disk with GUID Partition, where windows only installs on a MBR hard disks.


I have similar build, with the difference of the motherboard, z87mx-d3h, i7 4770k, and GTX 780. I disabled the internal graphics.

Installation method, myHack beta 8, i created the USB installer, Mavericks GM.

When I boot into the USB, I get stuck at a gray screen.

Not sure what to do next. As far as I know, all of the hardware are supported out of the box with installing mountain lion 10.8.5

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To bypass gray screen use GraphicsEnabler=No on org.chameleon.boot.plist.


I suggest to go with Clover EFI, it's much better, faster, EFI capable; Chameleon it's just legacy bootloader.

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It worked, and the installation went smooth, thanks!


After the I booted into Mavericks, i installed the drivers with Mult1beast, installed Audi alc892 and network Intel.

For now everything working as expected.



I found this guide about dual booting, it's a bit old, but hope it helps


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