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Marvell Ethernet not recognized after 10.8.5 update

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Well guys, is as follows:


NIC is Marvell 88E8039 (VEN_11AB & DEV_4353)


Until version 10.8.4 just editing the original kext Yukon2.kext, the card is recognized and works perfectly.

But now with version 10.8.5, even with ID inserted into the kext does not work.

I noticed that generates an error on startup kext, passes very quickly tried to take some pictures, I think you can see.



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Hi !!

I try your resolution with exactly the same problem... :( It doesn't work under 10.9). Since 10.8.5 I cannot have a working ethernet lan (marvell yukon 80e8056)

Maybe a problem with dsdt ??Thanks anyway.


Asus P6T Deluxe



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