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[Booting solved] Mountain Lion on GA-H61-DS2 rev 3.0


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The problem (old message):
I need help with my pc, after a week I'm enjoying a Mountain Lion 10.8.5 on my old AMD pc with a AMD Kernel.

4 days ago i'm buyed a Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 rev 3.0 and a Intel Core i5 3330, I builded my new pc including the Ati HD6670 graphics card.

All ok but when I boot my Mountain Lion from my old AMD pc with mach_kernel don't boot.
no kernel panics, only never boot, can stay days and continue booting...

well since I builded this new pc I'm searching a solution and only can boot the system in safe mode.

I used  myHack, the guide, niresh, and other methods and no...
I buyed a Gigabyte UEFI motherboard for most compatible system and only can boot in safe mode :(

I'm not are a novice of OSX86, but no a super master.

When I boot in normal mode I get a white screen with the busy cursor forever...

Thanks a lot.


The solution:


Configure the BIOS in this form:


1) Load Optimized Defaults and Reboot.


In BIOS Features:


1) VT-D = Disabled


Enable if you have a Intel Core Ivy bridge "K" model:




i5 3330 = Disabled


i5 3330K = Enabled


In Peripheals:


1) Change IDE to AHCI

2) EHCI Hand-off = Enabled

3) Init Display First = PEG




Install using your favorite method!


REMEMBER: if you use a ATI 6xxx graphics card (I'm use a Ati HD6670), delete the ATI6000Controller.kext from S/L/E in your Install USB, and boot using " -f GraphicsEnabler=No " without quotes.


When your installation ends install it with Kext Utility or Kext Wizard.

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Yes, I removed the ATI6000Controller.kext and started with the -f GraphicsEnabler=no, but still on the busy cursor.

FINALLY! I solved the problem, only changing some BIOS settings.


now I post the solution for future users, first I need to finish my OSX86 config!
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