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Asus k55vm i7 black screen after instalation


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Hello. After I have managed to install 10.8.5 with myhack, after I try to boot into the os, I get 2 errors before kexts are loaded : nvidia rom packing failed and dctable_version is 0x4. I get them either I use the standard extra from myhack or the extra file for my notebook which I found it on another website. After the kexts are loaded and everything else, the screen goes blank but I still can find the controlls working(f12 is still ejecting the dvd-rom door). This happend also with the usb I've made with myhack but after I used PciRoot=1 on it, it worked, but it doesn't work anymore on the installed os, only on the usb instalation. Any sugestions please? I've tried also graphicsenabler=no, npci=0x2000 and still no efect. Thanks in advance!


PS: the instalation i've made is on external hdd

Asus k55VM

Processor : Intel Core i7 3610QM
Graphics Processor : Intel HD4000 and Nvidia GT630M 
Hard disk : HDD Hitachi 750GB - but im installing on external drive to test it first
RAM : 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz

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