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Can't get the installer working. FX6300 and 7950 on OS 10.8.5


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Hi, I've been searching for this for several hours on this site and a few other sites. Maybe I am over my head but I can't get my USB installer to get to the installer screen. After it goes through the boot up it just goes to a blank screen. I'm running a Gigabyte 990FXAUD3 motherboard and a FX6300 processor and a XFX Double D 7950 graphics card. I used myhack to create the installer for a Mountain Lion 10.8.5 appstore download.


Here is a video of what happens.


My boot options are -v -f -x GraphicsEnabler=No


If I replace the machkernel with the FX one I get errors while booting.




If anyone has some ideas on how to get this thing booting that was be amazing.



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Using the first options I get this:



Using the second options I get this:



Though I think I'm still on the FX Kernel. I'll try the stock one and see if that works.

Alright, with the stock kernel I get the same results as the video I posted in the first post.

What's next to try? I tinkered with a 9600GTX the other day that I used to use in my old hackintosh and it gave the same results with the black screen.

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