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First G5 case mod... from scratch.

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Hello there !


First of all, in the past I saw the task of modding a G5 case (a case that I really love since it has been unveiled) being really too hard or not worth the time, but looking at your projects really fired me up.


So, before starting to unmount its insides, I have a few questions for you.


-I am aiming at a i5 3570K "naturally", but I have concerns about the processor's cooler... I saw on certain mods (with the Mountain Mod MB stand) that the radiator was really close to the width of the case, maybe preventing it from closing... should I pass on certain CPU cooler because of their lenght or not ?

(I was thinking about the Cooler Master 212 evo)


-Does the PSU's (modular, of course) measurements have a real impact too ? (I will mount it at the top rear, it seems easier)

This is the first computer I build up, so I don't really know if these have a standard size...

(there, aiming for a Antec HCG 520 or 620W)


-And finally, is the dremel the best tool for cutting the rear panel ?


It's pretty basic stuff, and I apologize for that, but these are things I need to know before making the leap. :)


And if there is more I should really know about this mod before I begin, don't hesitate to tell me !


Thanks for your time.

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Regular PSUs (under 800W) have a "normal" size and fit!


Dremel is nice, but a bigger "flex" is even better = faster. WIth the dremel you can work more precise.


MountainMods does not offer a 120mm Radiator back panel for the G5!

Check out the laserhive and contact Dave. He will help you for sure.

But why struggle with a liquid cooler? Any good air cooler will do the same job and does not provide pump noise.

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Thanks for the details !


With the "radiator", I think there is a misunderstanding : I don't know exactly how your qualify this in english, but the copper and aluminum heat pipe that comes with a ventilator to cool the CPU is referred as a "radiateur" in french, even a "ventirad" (because it's a ventilator type) :)


So I am aiming at an air cooling system, no worries. But because I don't know the total lenght of the moutain mod+MB+CPU+the cooler, I was wondering if it could be too "tall" (considering it's in horizontal position) to prevent the side panel to close…


As an example, I think this is an image of your first mod (which is one of my references by the way, I love what you did with the HDD bays !) :






I can't exactly see if the sidepanel can be put back in place to close the case or not…

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Not sure on height of mountain mods, but if you decided on Laser Hive (not trying to sell, just mentioning the dimensions!) then here are the facts.


The case has total depth of 190mm from case wall to door. Tray for LH products is 5mm thick, standoffs for mATX variant are 8mm high, standoffs for ATX variant are 12mm high means from top of motherboard to the door you have a useable 175mm for mATX and 170mm for ATX. Not exactly sure how the air coolers specify their height but definitely any specified height to 160mm will fit. Maybe a few mm more will work but then it gets tricky. I imagine MM tray will be similar but it depends on how it is fixed to the case. If it is fixed on TOP of any original standoff then you will for sure get less room as the original standoffs are 13mm high....


These dimensions I have given are conservative - by that I mean aimed at being safe so as to just "fit" instead of "not quite fit"

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With the laserhive kit I can perfectly use the air cooler Prolimatech Megahalems (height: 157mm) and still close the side panel.


Be aware, if you place a HDD tray, like I did in my first mod, you will not be able to close the side panel. AND you will be limited in your GPU length.

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