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Mac Os doesn´t boot


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I have downloaded and installed Mac OS X 10.4.6 on my computer. There were no problems during the installation of Mac OS. But when i start Mac OS i can see the white screen and after a few seconds there apears a symbol. (look at the picture below) The wheel keeps spinning but nothing happens. I have waited about 5 minutes to see this f***ing wheel spinning but MAC OS won´t boot.


Here is my PC:

AMD X2 3800

Gigabyte GA-K8N SLI

1,5 GB Ram

Asus GT7600



Can you help me?


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have you searched the forum for this problem, tried anything yet?


When installation was finished, did you leave your DVD in the drive the first time it rebooted?


Have you selected the correct patches during the customized install? (and ONLY the correct ones, that's very important)



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