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  1. sleep watcher

    Hi, this is a very interesting thread. I will certainly use this to eject drives. (Unless someone knows a DSDT fix for USB wake problems on gigabyte sandy bridge???) I have a question though, do you think a command could be used to sleep&wake the usb mouse/keyboard? that would make this a complete workaround solution!! thanks
  2. still having the same (weird?) problem when using this appleintelpiixata.kext: slow system disk. My OSX system volume performs very slowly (only 2-3 MB per second xbench uncached read) Weird thing is: the other SATA hard drive in my laptop performs super good, it's just my system disk that performs badly. I'm on a HP pavilion dv9660 with 10.6.3. I've tried some DSDT fixes for SATA but with no luck... Can I fix this? EDIT: Thanks to a post by Billabongo in an old thread: solved. Unmounting windows7 partition solves the problem.
  3. Hello forum, I thought I'd share my NVCAP for geforce 8600M GS of my HP DV9 series pavilion laptop. It works perfectly for me (multi display internal+HDMI/VGA + TV out). I don't know how helpful this will be but since I had trouble finding an NVCAP on the web, AND trouble reading out VGA rom, I'm putting it here for whoever needs it. This is the NVCAP: 04000000 00000100 3e000000 0000000a 00000000 search terms: NVCAP 8600 8600M GS HP pavilion DV9 DV9660 geforce cheers KG
  4. Hello fellows, I've been googling for this all day, but really can't find an exclusive answer... I'm installing iPC 10.5.6 on a HP pavilion notebook. After (succesful) install, I don't know how to tell if speedstep is working or not. How can you tell? Doing research i found that speedstep support is possible with a modded kernel or with a speedstep kext. If you use one of these kernels, will speedstep work already? Do you still need the kext? Or is the kext meant for vanilla kernels? And then what's the best option? I'm now installing again with the stageXNU kernel, but how will I know if it works now? Thank you VERY much in advance, KG
  5. Hello people, I have a little question that I can't seem to figure out by searching the forums... I just installed iPC 10.5.6 on a HP pavilion notebook, very successful overall. I tried both the vanilla kernel and the supplied speedstep kernel, and decided to go with the vanilla kernel since I didn't notice any difference and it's always nice to have the vanilla things But can you actually tell if you need additional speedstep support? Is it usefull to still install the XNU speedstep kext? Or how can I tell if speedstep works right now, with just the vanilla kernel? Is there some software to determine that? I really want speedstep to work, so I tried googling for this multiple times, but the discussion about speedstep support seems to be in the kernel department now (on my latest install 10.4.9, it was still about a kext?) So how do you really know if you need it? In fact, my main question is: is a speedstep kernel enough to make it work? Or will you allways need to install a kext as well? Sorry if this is an inappropriate question, but I've been googling all day and I can't really find the correct answer... Thanks for reading, KG
  6. Kalyway IATKOS Blinking Cursor Fix

    Guys, This one solved the blinking cursor problem for me quite a few times: -note: i use MBR- do what is explained under "the bootfix patch" http://www.digitmemo.com/articles/658/howt...ot-setup-guide/ in short: boot from install dvd and open terminal, then: activate the partition using commands fdisk -e /dev/rdiskX update [enter] f Y [enter] “Partition 2 marked active” w [enter] "Device could not be accessed exclusively. A reboot will be needed for changes to take effect. OK? [n]y Writing MBR at offset 0." q [enter] Then to fix the bootloading problem using startupfiletool in EFI package: if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXsY bs=512 count=1 [enter] umount /Volumes/Leopard [enter] cd /Volumes/123/EFI_pack/pc_efi_v80 [enter] ./startupfiletool -v /dev/rdiskXsY /usr/standalone/i386/boot [enter] bless -device /dev/diskXsY -setBoot -verbose [enter] in this case it was on another partition called 123. Hope this helps YOU too! For manual installs of EFI using former releases (brazilmac, toh) you can also check http://www.digitmemo.com/articles/734/howt...-in-hackintosh/
  7. SmoothCam Analyzing REALLY slow

    mmm at first sight, exporting the clip and importing it again seems to be the only way to do this... The user manual also suggests this as the solution for faster smoothcam analysis. You can use a quicktime reference file to do this quickly (just unchecking "make movie self-contained" in the export window). This way, the operation is finished in seconds. If you have a whole project with lots of clips that need the smoothcam filter, you can always use the media manager to get rid of the extra material, but for just a few clips, exporting as a reference file seems to be the fastest way... I'll ask my professors at school if there might be another way. regards KG
  8. SmoothCam Analyzing REALLY slow

    Thanks for the reply! That makes a lot of sense. There certainly is a way to have it making a new, shorter master clip, I've done it in the past. I'll look into it asap. grtz KG
  9. SmoothCam Analyzing REALLY slow

    Hello, I experience a strange problem with my Final Cut Studio 2. Basic video editing runs OK, rendering not very fast but all acceptable. But, when I apply the (very handy) smoothcam fxplug, the analyzing would take up to 24-25 hours on a clip that is only 30 seconds long! Strange thing is, if I import this clip into motion and apply the stabilize behaviour in there, analyzing is done in about 1 minute. I heard at school that some of these FXplugs would use GPU rendering (for the first time, finally!) so maybe the problem would be situated there (though my QE/CI support is OK of course...) Does anybody know how to fix this issue? Or, to start with, does anybody feel like trying this on their FCP 6? I'm working on a project where this function will be often required, so I'd really like to get this fixed... Thank you very much, KG
  10. final cut studio 2 won't install

    Hello, I'm trying to install final cut studio 2. All requirements are there: QE/CI working, audio OK, quicktime 7.1.6, networkinterfaces OK, disk permissions OK,... I did it on my laptop and I'm positive that I did everything exactly the same way. Still, I get an error everytime "Please try installing again" There had been no previous installs on this system (fresh osx install) The specs of this PC: intel P4 3Ghz, ATI X600 PCIe (QE/CI running), Realtek audio OK, quicktime 7,1,6, OSX10.4.9 uphuck 1.4i Are there any other things than the network interface edit that you need to pay attention to, before installing? -edit- On the same system, final cut 5.1 installs without any trouble Thanks, KG
  11. Error on installation. HELP!

    Usually this means your mac partition isn't set to active. Activate it with partitioning software or a bootable CD. You can also do this with disk utility but it often doesn't work there.
  12. Yes I have, no help there... KG
  13. Hi, Everytime I start final cut, it does the "profiling for RT extreme" thing. I've had it all the time in final cut pro 5.1.2 and in 6 it's no different. I know it's supposed to be done after one time and it should be skipped in further startups. Does anybody know why this happens? Any help would be much appreciated Regards, KG
  14. [How To] Solutions for Audio Problems

    Should be added to sigmatel solutions: Sigmatel 9225 appleHDApatcher: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=8404 codec dump for stac9225: http://psykopat.free.fr/apple/AppleHDA/sigmatel/STAC9225.txt guide: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=32859
  15. Hello, Dual-booting seems to be an issue for lots of people. Here's one solution that is often forgotten: IF your operating systems are all on the same drive (different partitions but same fysical drive) you can just use the macintosh bootloader for dual-booting. So no need here for the slow acronis bootloader or the chain0-method (which never worked for me). To do this: Just set the macintosh partition active (using fdisk or acronis disk director) This will boot standardly to macintosh, if you want vista or XP, just press F8 when the bootloader loads and select the other partition. As far as I know, this only works if all operating systems are on the same fysical driven. If you want windows as standard first boot, just set its partition active, but then macintosh is unavailable. Life is all about choices... Note: to have some more time to press F8, you can add a timeout to the bootloader by typing in terminal: sudo -s (password) nano /Library/Preferences/Systemconfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist add here, at the bottom: <key>Timeout</key> <string>§</string> (where § is a number of seconds, 5 eg.) type ctrl-o to writeout and ctrl-x to exit exit terminal (search terms: dual boot vista xp OSX bootloader darwin timeout partition active)