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Bootable USB, Moutain Lion 10.8.2


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Hello, i'm new to hackintosh and have wanted to try osx a loooooong time.. but i'm having issues with making usb install. I don't own a CD-Drive so it's not possible to make dvd (would be easier i know..) I'm using http://www.niresh12495.com/2013/03/nireshs-os-x-1082.html , it includes program called EasyBSD as you guys may know, I've tried to make bootable USB with it but with no success. Also with some other Niresh's 10.8.2 came program called USBIT (USB Image Tool), but that ain't working either.


I've been googling this for like week now and tried to search how to make it work but can't find anything what would work, i guess i'm searching from wrong places. 


If you need some more info / specs or anything else please tell me. 


Thanks in advance!

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Oh yes i am an idiot, i forgot to tell that i have AMD, so Intel guides are a no-go, sorry for not mentioning it! 


Edit: That Niresh's .iso is compatible with AMD so i just need to know how to get it boot from USB if someone didn't get the point  :)

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From your list i think i'm doing it somehow wrong because people have installed it successfully ( although Niresh has said in some point that EasyBSD isn't working and that USBIT i took from Intel-based Niresh USB Boot). I have downloaded ISO multiple times and with tried with other computer and have used 2 different USB sticks. 





http://imgur.com/HYraw3a ( Image from TransMac )

I made USB with SUSE Image Writer, and it seems the needed files are there? But it ain't booting it.


Now it's possible to make boot usb in hackintosh, i installed one with VMWare if that helps somehow



PROGRESS: Did install chameleon 2.2 to other USB stick and booted there without any problems but it just wont boot the other USB..

Any ideas?

http://imgur.com/KfvMYK5 (Pic from loader)

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If you're using the hardware listed on your signature, you'll find Mountain Lion very frustrating: a bug in the kernel results in severe graphics artifacts and glitches on AMD machines. You'll have way better results with Lion 10.7.5.


Ask help here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285760-help-topic-further-help-in-chatosx86hulegacykernel-irc/page-71?do=findComment&comment=1944224


All the best!

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