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I'm making some progress now on my first Hackintosh build, and I have successfully installed and booted Mountain Lion on my system. I am wanting to have the option to boot to Windows 7 on a second partition. Here's what I've done:


  • Partitioned my Hackintosh hard drive with a GUID map, 1 HFS+ partition (successfully installed OSX 10.8 here), 1 FAT partition
  • Used CloneZilla to copy my current Windows 7 Bootcamp partition from my MacBook Pro to the FAT parition on my Hackintosh drive
  • Powered up Hackintosh, selected Windows partition from Chameleon bootloader, got "A disk read error occurred" and had to restart computer.
  • I did some research, and everything I've read suggests using gptsync to turn the partition map into a hybrid GUID/MBR, so I did this. Everybody suggesting this had installed Windows from a Windows installer instead of copying from a disk image.
  • Tried booting Windows again, got the same Chameleon error.

Now, I could try installing Windows using an installer instead of the disk image. However, this would take some work (I don't have a Windows 7 disk, so I would have to download the installer from Digital River or install XP and use my Windows 7 upgrade). So if there's something I'm overlooking that would make this work from the image copy, I'd love to know about it.

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  • Used CloneZilla to copy my current Windows 7 Bootcamp partition from my MacBook Pro to the FAT parition on my Hackintosh drive

This may not work with Windows. Windows installation (contrary to OS X) is very hardware dependent. It is locked to the specific hardware you install it on and may refuse to work if the hardware is not identical (chipset, CPU, GPU). You may need (before cloning) to make the source Windows install hardware independent using the built-in sysprep tool (this will make it no longer usable on the original system (MBP that is), since all system specific drivers are deleted in the process) or make the cloned Windows installation, hardware independent (before booting it on the target system, Hackintosh tat is) using third party tools.


Clonezilla can clone the boot sector too, but since the source drive is hybrid drive (HDD in your Mac), Clonezilla may not read the boot sector correctly. Try cloning without the boot loader. It is done via clone options.

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