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I've entered Maction Impossible.


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I just decided to set up my Windows box with OS X Snow Leopard, but now looking at it I've picked the worst possible combination of parts to run with OS X. It's a marvel the thing boots at all and connects to the internet! Here's the run-down:

I have a Radeon either 6700 or 6770, I forget the model (Is there an equivalent to CPU-Z for Mac?)

A MSI K9N6PGM2-V2, for which no custom DSDTs exist

and (wait for it) an AMD processor.

Here's what's wrong with it:

  • Graphics aren't accelerated, and when I try to use GraphicsEnabler as my model should be supported, it just Kernel Panics
  • The USB ports don't seem to work with anything besides my wireless mouse (My keyboard is PS/2 and works fine)
  • Chameleon seems to hang on boot
  • Ethernet doesn't work with Chameleon, even when it does boot. I'm using ModCD right now.
  • The system hangs when I try to reboot. S3 is turned on.
  • It doesn't recognize 2 GB of my 4 GB of RAM.

What I want to know is, what should I do? Admit defeat and move back to Windows? Keep on truckin' in 1024x768? What I want is someone who's done this before on something like this system that can point me to a few kexts that I can use. If this is the case, I'd be very grateful.

BTW: The specs for the MSI board can be found here:http://us.msi.com/product/mb/K9N6PGM2-V2.html#/?div=Detail

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The problem with that is that I really don't want Lion. If it was Mountain Lion, I'd consider it, but what's wrong with Snow Leopard?

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With Mountain Lion on your computer, the options for you are no graphics acceleration or heavy graphics artifacts to the point of no usability. If there was a way, everyone would know by now, since its developer would become quite famous in the OSX86 community. Sorry, man, and it's understandable you feel frustrated, but the current status is what it is: if you're going distro, get a Lion distro instead of Mountain Lion.


All the best!

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Again, the 10.6.8 updater freezes. Do you think I should use i - BoOt (Odd spelling to avoid being censored) instead of ModCD to install it? I decided to wait until I updates to start using

M u l t i B e a s t. Is this a bad idea, since the updater freezes? If this doesn't work, what distro should I use for 10.7? Sorry for all if the questions.

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