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Full QE/CI on HP DV7 7xxx or HP DV7t-7300 CTO laptop on mountain lion


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I was able to get full QE/CI working and also enable HDMI video out port working on the HP DV7t 7300 laptop. This is in Mountain Lion 10.8.4.


This was done on a Dv7t 7300 laptop with a i7-3630QM and a 1080p display. But it should work for many other DV7 7000 series laptops.


I used many resources already posted on this forum to accomplish this so i figure i will share my output so it can help others.


There are two parts to this fix

1. A modded AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext

2. A modded dsdt



First is a modded AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext. It appears that the ig-platform-id: 01660004 works well for internal display on the HP DV7 and ig-platform-id: 01660003 works well for the HDMI port. I found that the fourth port in the 01660003 is tied to HDMI. So i modded the kext to bring LVDS over to 1st port of 01660003 and keep the 4th port as HDMI. modded kext is attached below.


The attached kext is for ML 10.8.4. Did not try it on any other version of ML.


Acquired the DSDT from




and modified it to change the IG platform ID from 01660004 to 01660003


dsdt also attached below


Steps to install


1. First install the kext with a tool like kextwizard and restart to make sure kext is working. Critical step do not skip.

2. Copy over the dsdt to the root of the os x drive or wherever you keep your dsdt. Restart


Do not copy over the dsdt first or you will loose your primary display. This kext and the dsdt go together. Do not use them independently.


Hope this helps someone.



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