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  1. wen1

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio

    Also, I see that in IORegExplorer my monitor (Display0 - AppleDisplay) is connected to Port 0x6. But the script says that HD4000 port 0x7 is a native HDMI port. Is there something special about my system that I need to manually correct? Given that this is an IVY bridge CPU on a 6-series motherboard.
  2. wen1

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio

    Thanks for the quick response. Some progress... I set config.plist/ACPI/DSDT/Fixes/FixHDA_8000/NO And now the HDMI port shows up in system report. But still not available in the sound as an option for output. ‚ÄčEdit: anyway to makee the SSDT-HDEF3.aml not be ignored? I see a message that says the patch was a success in the boot log.
  3. wen1

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio

    HI, I am still struggling to get my HDMI audio working. I have a HD4000 on a 6-series motherboard. Everything works except HDMI audio. OSX: 10.12.6 Motherboard: Intel DH61AG Processor: Intel Core i5-3475S Graphics: HD4000 Procedure used: This Guide I also tried the HD4000 on 6 series motherboard SSDT from your gothic repository and did not see any difference in the outcome. It was injecting an IMEI that I am already doing in config.plist. I attached all the files you asked for. Please help me getting this resolved. Thanks files.zip
  4. I was able to get the linksys also working with auto connection. I will attached files shortly Wanted to get the AC speeds working BTW, this is an excellent guide. smoothest install that I ever did for a hackintosh
  5. excellent, I will give this a shot Thanks Also, what are using for usb wifi? I am trying to use linksys AE6000, which works with a driver posted earlier but does not auto connect when I boot up. I have to launch the perf pane. Edit: Brightness control works perfect. Hoping the power management fix helps with the battery life. I was getting may be a couple of hours with full battery
  6. Guide worked perfectly so far. Trying to get dual boot working. For some reason, sound does not work for me. Did you do something special for sound? Edit: nevermind. still working through the post install steps. Edit 2: Everything works well. I do have a minor issue though. My audio volume from laptop speakers is really low. Trying to see if I can adjust the gain.
  7. Thanks a lot for posting the guide. Will be trying this tomorrow to get mine to Sierra.
  8. That is awesome. Will be of great help to share a brief guide and also the files that you used/modded. Thanks wen1
  9. Funny that you ask this. I was looking to see if anyone tried sierra on this laptop literally couple of hours ago. Did you get it installed? What is the windowserver crash?
  10. Thinking of trying it on the card itself Not the laptop You can easily replace it if it broke I will take a look at it tomorrow My monitor does not have speakers Let me try it on another
  11. Got it now. Sorry did not realize that's what you meant when you first said it. When you push on the module, it is probably not detecting it properly and hence lets it go past the error. I wonder if there is pin that we can cut out on the card to get past this message. I have seen similar mods done before.
  12. Thanks for posting this. I compared the bios files, they are identical. I am assuming you do not get any errors/warnings during boot up. Wonder why mine is not allowing me to get to even clover screen with the wireless card installed Edit: Reattaching the error I get. Wireless module not supported. System halted
  13. You mean the posts are gone? Seems like might have restored a backup from previous week. The site was having issues over the last few days
  14. Seems like we lost a bunch of posts
  15. Looks like we lost a whole bunch of posts. refersh-it, Any luck in getting the device id screen shot or bios files? Thanks for your help