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Several problems...


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Hi people.. first of all sorry about my english, (that's why it's been so hard for me to success installing this :P )


I've been trying for several weeks to install any kind of mac os in my computer without sucess. 


first the hard. 


mobo_ Asrock G31m-s bios 2.1

     audio (improtant to me) realtek ALC662 ¿? (not really sure, thats what aida tells me 

VGA_ Radeon HD 7750 (xfx)

memos_ kignston1x2gb 1x1gb (kingston ddr2 both 800)




I've installed Leopard Iatkos 10.5.x 

with this problems... instalation went just fine, nothing bust -v -f -y cpus=1 to install... and everything worked almost, network worked, audio too, and video i didn't had graphic acelerator but was no an issue.. the problem it was with the software, i couldn't almost install anything because everything needs 10.6.x 

and the "MAIN" problem was, internet. Safari, didn't work well, as example, in facebook  (only in facebook) keys like "c" "i" "o" "p" "L" didn't worked at all... and then the pages started to freeze or don't scroll. 


i resigned so i downloaded the Iatkos Snow leopard V2 and install it, the i found the updater combo and installed too... 


The internet problem still exist.. i have the same problem with safari, chrome and firefox... all hangs or don't scroll (specially safari)... 

beasides that, with Snow Leopard, i dont have audio.. i've tryied everything and nathing happen, if i unplug my VGA card i can use Voodoo and works, (but of course thats not a possible solution...) but if I have my VGA plugged with Voodoo i have kernel panic and can't start the S.O. 


any suggestion? how can i fix the audio issue and the graphics? or at least how i can solve the internet problem because that and the audio it's what i need the most... 


(/audio i could take from the VGA too, but i couldn't make it happen)


thanks for the time... 



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my advice to u is to read more..


and install minimum lion 10.7 to have suport to u graphics


if u don't have graphics working well .. forget mac os x .. that things u told don't work .. never work without graphics acceleration


ATI Graphics


good hack

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