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I've found one new feature and one improved feature in DP5 of Mavericks, along with one change in a feature from OS X in general.


1.  More wallpapers.


Mavericks moved the included wallpaper collections from their old default locations in Mountain Lion; they are in /Library/Screen Savers/Default Collections of your Mavericks partition.  (These are 3000x3000 images - likely targeting Retina MacBook Pros; however, they are simply gorgeous, and look good even auto-downscaled, or even in non-Apple OSes.  I've exported them to my Windows 8.1 partition to use as desktop backgrounds there as well.)


2.  iCloud


The iCloud keychain now uses two-factor authentication (TFA) as of DP5 of Mavericks; oddly, this is Apple actually playing catch-up, as other online storage products (notably SkyDrive) already use TFA.


3.  iBooks


I wondered why the Department of Justice (US) raised such a ruckus over iBooks - now I see why; included in DP5 is a completely separate iBooks Store.  (There's quite a large collection of both fee (and free) iBooks on tap - among the free iBooks is the entirety of Sherlock Holmes, for example.)  The $0.64USD question - will there be an iBooks client for Windows or Android?

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