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Changed SMBIOS to Macbook Pro but it shows iMac, any idea?


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Change serial number.

I changed the Serial Number to C02K935XFFRP but Clover bootloader still thinks it is WGXXXXXX. THIS IS AN BUG I CAN CONFIRM. I booted with the modified SMBIOS and see the BoardSerialNumber not changed with the MacBookPro 10.2 setting and I also see an Product SN there. What was that? After I cleared this section and boot at the start-up, it shows MacBook Pro but the system info showed   Serial Number (system) and Serial Number (processor). 

You can use Chameleon Wizard in order not to do superfluous mistakes.

I changed SMBIOS according to Chameleon Wizard. It`s a bug of Clover and you just cannot change to the MacBook Pro 10.2 SMBIOS. If you have doubt be my guest you can try it yourself. 

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