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Can't get INTEL HD 3000 workingng | OS X 10.8.4


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Hello All!


I am having trouble getting OS X to recognize my Intel HD 3000.  I've reinstalled multiple times, tried different things and still cannot get it to work. How I installed OS X this time:


Burnt Niresh's OS X 10.8.2 installer to disk,

Installed OS X on SSD,

Installed Sound and Network kext,

Installed VGA Port HD 3000 kext,

and rebooted.


I get this error:


kext: com.apple.driver.AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB class HDCPCtrl is a duplicate


I've been trying forever and I am just about ready to give up. I am not using a DSDT. Any help? Thanks :)

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Oops, sorry.  Done!

You should look in your Extra folder, if there is an Extension folder with content. In ML and up there should be no kexts. If they are neccessary to run your system, install them in S/L/E and remove them from E/E. You should also put this Extension folder to trash.


If you have installed a DSDT.aml and with it defined the personality of your HD3000 and a version of Bootloader, that is able to load the HD3000, there could also be the effect, that you have discribed in your first post.


I suggest to get here in Downloads a new version of a bootloader. With them you can define the personality of your HD3000. You have to try, which of them matches to your system. I think, that it should be one with 64mb.



Have fun.

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