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MacBook died - replacing it with Sony Vaio Pro 13 - Compatibility advice

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Hey guys -
My mid-2007 MacBook recently died and I'm looking to replace it with an ultra-portable. I love the 2013 Air but I can't live with the terrible 1440x900 screen resolution, and hence am looking to buy the Vaio Pro 13 for its 1080p screen solution.
The specifications are summarized here - 


It has a Core i5 1.7ghz 4200U processor (Haswell) with Intel Integrated HD 4400 graphics. 
Wanted to get your views on how Hackintosh friendly would this configuration be?
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Thanks for your response.


Considering that the Air has the same processor and chipset, shouldn't this be compatible with Mountain Lion as well? Or are they using a modified version of OS X for the Air?


Mavericks will bring official support right?

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