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  1. there is no download link for the vmware image...
  2. kinda off topic, but here it goes: i am reading that people get only 2-3hours battery life on the surface pro 2 wich i kinda meh. is that trune
  3. can bluetooth be fixed? if not, would it work with bluetooth dongle? Talking about surface pro 2 by the way. How is battery life? =) acceleration doesnt seem to work, because there is no transparancy in the screenshots
  4. does the continuity feature work with iphone or ipad? what about 3d hardare acceleration?
  5. So, everything works exept wifi on surface pro 1 right? Another question: Is the surface comftable to use with the keyboard on the lap? I cant help but to thing that it may be very "unstable"
  6. what about the 10gb ram problem? What about hd4000 qe? (maybe on mavericks?)
  7. ....so what about it? Mavericks supports haswell right?
  8. Asus Taichi?

    But the main display would work? I still wonder of the display change is hard ormsoftware related... Ifmits software it might cause problema
  9. Asus Taichi?

    You mean the touchscreen right? That wouldt bother me.
  10. Asus Taichi?

    Does anyone know for a fact if the asus taichi will work with osx? Might be tricky because it uses two displays and i dont know if the screen switching is hardware related or software....
  11. Support for intel core Y series?

    What are you talking about? I said i am rhinking about Getting a 11a, this is why i ask if there are people who no more about this before imwaste money...
  12. Thinking about getting a Lenovo yoga 11S with i5 4210Y CPU but I don't know if it will work with Mac OS X. I also can't figure out the wifi card :/
  13. Oh my god. Thank you! i think i will get the Broadcom BCM43225HMB The spreadsheet says "device id fix" how exactly do i do that? Do I just have to edit the device id from the Broadcom into the kext? But wich kext?