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Help while booting OSX using iAktos S3 V2? :(

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Ive been tried to do this for like 4 days now and iAktos seems to be the only one that installs. Well now when itty to boot without using flags, it flashes the apple logo then reboots. When i try to use flags, it either boots for a bit longer but restarts. Ive tried -x, -f, -v, bus ratio, i386, 86_64, almost all of them... Everytime i try to use cpus=1 busratio=20 arch=i386 -x -v, for example i get this (look at pic.) 

Anyway on how to fix this? Ive tried modcd w/ retail, and niresh. 

My specs:
M5a99x evo
12gb ram

Please any help would be appreciated. 

My boot loader is Chameleon V2-RC5 r726 if that helps anyone.


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1) You need to use a patched kernel for your CPU. AMD is NOT supported by OS X without patching.

2) I recommend using a newer version of Chameleon, look in the Downloads section of this site.

3) Your CPU is a Piledriver/Bulldozer arch, which means its compatibility is limited.


Learn how to install a patched kernel and find one by searching around.


I don't have an AMD CPU so I can't tell you exactly which kernel you need.

But I would try this one first: http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=1675

Download it, rename the zipped "mach_kernel" to "mach_amd" and put it in the root of your SL partition and boot chameleon with these flags:


"mach_amd -v"


Still no dice then try, "mach_amd -force64 arch=i386 -v"

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Thank you very much for replying... I will try putting that kernel in, but a quick question, how can i put that into my sl partition if i cant see that partition in windows? I have 1 ssd with windows and another for games and the sl. The games partition shows up but not sl

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