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System requirement of Mac os x mountain lion hackintosh?


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Hello! My name is Kelly (And I'm a complete noob in this Hackintosh thing lol any slightest bit of help will be highly appreciated :)

So I'm here to ask about system requirement as the title says,because I do not want to run into system crash down therefore I'd like to have a thorough research before making any reckless moves.


It is a Laptop

Brand name: Toshiba

Model No. Satellite L755-167

Operating system: (It was orginally Windows 7 home premium but I just recently upgraded to Windows 8 Pro)

Processor: Intel® Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30 GHz

Installed Memory (RAM): 4 GB

System Type: 64-bit Operating system,x64-based processor


I have two drives that I can see....One is the C:Drive (which is the primary drive) and the D:Drive

I would want to dual boot My Windows 8 and Mac OS X mountain lion


But the most important thing I want to know is....


Is my laptop capable of having a Mac os x? and dual boot it with windows 8?


I do have a external portable hard drive for making a back up for my files and a 8 Gb USB pen drive

I'd really like to know whether I have to make any change to my laptop's physical properties,'cause I'd don't think it's a good Idea to make any physical change to my laptop as I might screw things up :(


I would like to give my thanks in advance so....

thank you and please :)

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If your laptop can run Windows 8, it can run OSX. If your laptop has only integrated graphics, the chances it will run OSX smoothly improves a lot. If the BIOS is not InsydeH2O, the chances of a trouble-free installation improve exponentially.


All the best!

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