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USB 3 ports only produce USB 2 Speeds

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I'm hoping some of you fantastic folks can help me with my build.

I basically made a CustoMacMini build from Tonymacx86, and put together my build with an i5-3750K chip on a Gigabyte H77N-WIFI board, 16Gb 1600MHz RAM, a Gigabyte 650ti Boost 2Gb graphics card, a Sandisk 240GB SSD, it's installed with OSX 10.8.4 and a bitfenix case.


I got my system up and running after a lot of searching through guides and troubleshooting, where in which I was having a terrible time with safe boot only loading and graphics cards not showing, but all that got resolved.


Now my issue is this:

Although my system recognizes devices which are USB 3, when I look them up in System Profiler, they all max at USB 2 speeds. The Ext USB 3 HD I have maxes at 48mb/s in Blackmagic speed test, and theoretically maxes at 480 speeds.


I read that you have to use a USB3 hub with that board, so I bought a 4 port Anker USB3 hub, but that didn't work. I also installed the genericUSBXHCI kext, and that at least helped recognize my devices, but I can't get USB 3 speeds.


Any ideas please?


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