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  1. Hi Zephyr, I am a newbie, and have combed this thread pretty thoroughly. I appreciate the work invested into this kext. and after I installed it, It helped me read my USB 3 devices, but unfortunately they only appear under the High-Speed Bus, they max out at 480 mb/s. I know my ext drive can super super speed because on the actual imac I have, it supports that speed under the superspeed setting. What am I doing wrong with this kext? my specs: GA-H77N-WIFI OSX 10.8.4 i5-3750K @ 3.9GHz
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    Hola, I'm new and I'm finding far more helpful information on these boards than any other so far, so I've joined to become part of the community.
  3. I'm hoping some of you fantastic folks can help me with my build. I basically made a CustoMacMini build from Tonymacx86, and put together my build with an i5-3750K chip on a Gigabyte H77N-WIFI board, 16Gb 1600MHz RAM, a Gigabyte 650ti Boost 2Gb graphics card, a Sandisk 240GB SSD, it's installed with OSX 10.8.4 and a bitfenix case. I got my system up and running after a lot of searching through guides and troubleshooting, where in which I was having a terrible time with safe boot only loading and graphics cards not showing, but all that got resolved. Now my issue is this: Although my system recognizes devices which are USB 3, when I look them up in System Profiler, they all max at USB 2 speeds. The Ext USB 3 HD I have maxes at 48mb/s in Blackmagic speed test, and theoretically maxes at 480 speeds. I read that you have to use a USB3 hub with that board, so I bought a 4 port Anker USB3 hub, but that didn't work. I also installed the genericUSBXHCI kext, and that at least helped recognize my devices, but I can't get USB 3 speeds. Any ideas please?