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Computer Slowing Down, Requiring Reboot Daily

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I have a hackintosh that has been VERY stable, however it recently it has started to run in a strange manner. First note that the only recent change that I can remember is that I installed USB 3.0 drivers from a tool which is provided that I cannot mention here (latest version), however that was 2 weeks before this started happening.


I first noticed it with Chrome, the page would load, and just load half-way... the scrollbar wouldn't work and neither would links. When I closed chrome, I had to force-quit it otherwise it stayed open. I then began to notice it happening with everything (except apparently Safari). I tried rebooting, and the reboot froze half-way through, so I went ahead and rebooted using the button.


Since then, this has happened pretty much daily. Would anybody have any idea as to what could be happening?

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