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Sudden DVI issues

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I have a dual boot system that has been working with no issues for some time. I have Mac 10.8.4 and Windows 7.


I havent installed anything new nor changed anything in my hardware but today i experienced what started as screen flickering then developed into black screens and then into a total loss of connection where the screen when a fuzzy grey.


I tried a restart but it was the same on both windows and OSX.


I then removed the DVI cable and tried with HDMI instead and Windows booted with no issues except my bios screen and boot menu had a black border around them , as did Windows but i fixed that by setting overscan to 0%.


I tried booting OSX but all I got was a black screen like OSX didnt like HDMI!


So right now im confined to Windows....which i hate!


So my questions here are:-


1) What is at fault here ? The monitor or Graphics card? The monitor still has warranty but I dont think the graphics card does sadly.

2) How can i use OSX with HDMI?


Any help and advice would be very very much appreciated!


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Check your dvi connection again, you sure it wasn't just a loose cable? Does dvi work ok in windows? To use hdmi in osx you might need to edit your ati personality

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You said you tried to restart and it's the same in osx and windows? Then why this would be an osx problem? Check your cable, as pheonix137 said, it's maybe just a loose cable. Or the graphics card dying/overheating.

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I didn't  claim it to be an OSX issue! :P

Naturally I checked the cable, in the end i tried every which way i could and now have both OSX and Windows working from DVI using the 2nd DVI output on the graphics card. 

The fault was with the 1st DVI output on the card.


Thanks for your help guys.

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