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  1. Marvell Yukon2 88e8057

    Hi, I know 88E8057 doesn't work fully, but you can get app store working by using AppleYukon2.kext and replacing device id for 88E8056. The only problem is that this spams dmesg with "MAC 2 not properly initialized." Is there a way to turn off this output message so my kernel task isn't running at 100%? Currently, I only install the AppleYukon2.kext when I need to update a program through app store, wait for the download/install to finish and then delete the kext when I'm done since it leaves my hackintosh unusable after a little while. I would like to be able to just leave the kext in place as long as it's not slowing down the system anymore. Thanks
  2. Help: Edit Framebuffer for Ati Mobility HD 5730

    what version osx?
  3. Radeon 7650m vga port worked but LVDS not work please guide me

    I have the same problem with vaio nw160j. The weird thing is I can get the card to detect LVDS but nothing is displayed on screen, probably because of eDP. Is there any way around eDP? How can I find out more using linux gallium drivers which work fine for multiple display?
  4. Radeon HD 4570 LVDS/VGA/HDMI

    I was told I'm lucky for getting this far and it probably won't work since it's a Sony laptop and they do something weird with their graphics. I was also told that since RadeonFramebuffer can detect external screen I should be able to get one of the other personalities to do it as well. Maybe there is also some way to figure out how to make eDP work?
  5. How to get RadeonFramebuffer personality

    According to RampageDev:
  6. Radeon HD 4570 LVDS/VGA/HDMI

    I have it working so far with Cardinal personality from ATI4800Controller.kext with modified Cardinal FB but nothing shows up on screen. When I VNC in to it I get both LVDS and VGA external screens but nothing showing up on the actual screen itself. How can I get signal on VGA screen?
  7. How to get RadeonFramebuffer personality

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get personality info from the default RadeonFramebuffer when it is loaded? I would like to use that information to make my own personality for Shrike framebuffer. Thanks
  8. Latest ATY_Init.kext

    Hi, where can I get the latest ATY_Init.kext? I've been searching google but I can't find where to get the latest version. Current one I have gives me message 'Quiting for card 0x9553' in dmesg so I want to try latest one.
  9. AMD Radeon 6250 0x98401002

    GE=Yes? Open terminal and type "ioreg -w 0 | grep ATY" without quotes and see if the lines printed out say something besides RadeonFramebuffer (most likely not). If not, a framebuffer is not being loaded and you should look for a way to properly inject your card. Some suggestions are ATY_Init kext or DSDT. Also, according to pcidatabase.com your card should be a 6310.
  10. Radeon HD 4570 LVDS/VGA/HDMI

    I just found out my internal screen connection is LVDS/eDP. There doesn't seem to be a solution at this time but does anyone know if anyone is working on development for this topic? Also, the eDP shouldn't affect my VGA so can anyone tell me why that isn't working?
  11. Radeon HD 4570 LVDS/VGA/HDMI

    Anyone have any ideas?
  12. Sudden DVI issues

    Check your dvi connection again, you sure it wasn't just a loose cable? Does dvi work ok in windows? To use hdmi in osx you might need to edit your ati personality
  13. ati radeon 5850 with AMD Mountain lion 10.8

    What graphics card are you using? Download DPCI manager and post your device and vendor I'd
  14. Radeon HD 4570 LVDS/VGA/HDMI

    Hi I am trying to make at least LVDS and VGA work. I have working Shrike framebuffer (output for ioreg with SSH is ATY,Shrike), but output on LVDS is like attached picture and no output on VGA or HDMI. I have tried patching framebuffer in ATI4600Controller.kext but I don't think it's working. Here is modified Shrike can anyone tell me if it's wrong? 02 00 00 00 40 00 00 00 09 01 00 00 12 04 00 07 LVDS 10 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 10 01 01 VGA 00 08 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 01 00 00 10 00 02 05 HDMI I have tried senseid 00 - 07 and none work for LVDS. Also have forced EDID to pick up LVDS which seems to force LVDS everytime with GraphicsEnabler=No but still nothing with GraphicsEnabler=Yes. Video bios dump: http://www.mediafire.com/?vnwa2b2xzx9nsyb UPDATE: I tried DSDT injection for my card detailed here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/282637-ati-mobility-radeon-hd-4650-cant-find-lvds-senseline/ Here's the DSDT I came up with. What is wrong with it? I was getting jumbled screen again but different pattern than before, closer to solid color but still missing pixels and I was not able to log in and use VNC/SSH like usual. http://www.mediafire.com/download/c35l07k7blkdkm6/DSDT.aml Also I still couldn't get Shrike personality to work. Nothing seems to work, what else can I try? And can someone take a look at the stuff I've already done...in case I messed something up? Thanks!
  15. ATI 4570 on sony vgn-nw160j, weird results!

    Bump I'm still trying to work on this, does anyone have any suggestions? Recently, I tried editing my shrike personality in ATI4600controller.kext and then just set graphics enabler to yes. This didn't do anything upon reboot. I checked the IOReg and it said I was still using the ATIFramebuffer so I tried adding the value AtiConfig=Shrike to my com.chameleon.boot.plist and got the same results. I then tried using the ATY_Init kext for Shrike personality for 0x9553 posted by crazybirdy. This seemed to work as it gave me a black screen on both LVDS and VGA/HDMI and when I checked the IOReg remotely it said I was using Shrike framebuffer. Can anyone use my dump and see if I have edited my personality correctly?