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Printing in Leopard


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Anyone else on here using Leopard (9A241/9A241e) had issues with printing?


Initially I couldn't get anything to print (CUPS just kept falling over, can't remember the exact error) so I tried installing an updated version of CUPS itself using the precompiled binaries on the CUPS site.




Printing from Adobe apps works fine (once you get passed the fact that the dialog boxes dont render correctly)


Printing from most other applications results in garbled output, images appear correctly but all text is rearranged or just nonsensical (this also happens when opening *some* PDFs in Preview.app under 10.5)


This is the only issue I've had with Leopard that has caused me any noticeable problems, and I don't want to go back to not having Spaces and the new Mail.app


For reference and if anyone else finds it useful, i use the following apps (listed in no particular order) daily at work and I have had no issues with them under Leopard other than printing from anything other than Adobe CS Suite (oh, and TextEdit/TextMate usually works for printing too);


Camino, TextMate, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org, Adobe CS, iTerm, ARD, MS Remote Desktop Connection, CotVNC, FileMaker Pro, CocoaMySQL, OmniGraffle, Skype, VLC

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Nope, had the same problems before i moved to 9A241e ... happens with both networked (wired/wireless alike) and USB connected printers..


Tested with the following;


Xerox WorkCentre Pro 45

Xerox Docucentre 340ST

HP LaserJet 8100DN

HP LaserJet 3100N

Epson AcuLaser C1900

Epson Stylus C82

HP Deskjet DJ450wbt (Bluetooth)

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I've had absolutely no issues with either build. USB connected epson stylus cx2400. iTunes video issues have made me want to revert, but just like you I cannot live without Spaces.

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I've not had any iTunes video issues! :2cents:


Typical, can I ask what you're running it on ... I know a number of people who've had a lot of stability issues with the Intel builds, but I'm running it on a PowerBook G4 relatively happily...


Thinking that if you're using an intel machine that could explain it ?



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