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OSX 10.6.2 Installation on Asus EEE 1005HAB


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Well, here's my first attempt at an installation guide for those who have the Asus EEE 1005HAB netbook. Read this first before trying anything.


This project first started out as a big "I told you so" to members of my family. You see, I'm a PC guy, always have been and always will be, but my family ALL use Macs. They really buy into all the propaganda that Apple puts out there. I think Apple makes awesome computers, but the cost of it is staggering. Normally I would just use the factory installed XP sp3, but the ease of using OSX Snow Leopard on a netbook is better.


When I started looking into installation methods, I quickly found out how many of them are out there. I also found that there are many variations to each method depending on which PC you are putting it on. When I finally settled in on which one to use, well, it didn't work. When it was all said and done, I tried about 5 different methods, and none worked the way I wanted it to. At this point, I figured that I needed to "Frankenstein" these install guides into one that would work on the Asus EEE 1005HAB.


There were many guides for similar Asus netbooks, but none for this one exactly. It's kind of a lot of work, but everything works on my netbook with the exception of the ethernet port. Here's what worked for me.


Note: This guide contains a section where you disassemble part of your netbook to swap out parts. If you are not comfortable doing this or not familiar, STOP here. I am not responsible for your hardware if something goes wrong. You do this at your own risk.


Items needed.

1. Working computer with running OS X on it. It can be a Mac or a Hackintosh, doesn't matter

2. One (1) USB drive with a 8GB capacity or higher

3. One (1) USB drive with a 1GB capacity or higher

4. Retail copy of Snow Leopard (available on Apple's website, Apple store, or retail outlets like Best Buy)

5. Dell 1510 Mini PCIE Half Height Wifi card (got mine from this site)


6. Asus EEE 1005HAB Netbook


You may also need.... (read to find out why)

1. USB Keyboard

2. USB Mouse


Installation Guide.


Making an USB Installation Drive

1. Take your computer with the running OS X and insert the SL retail disc in to the drive.

2. Open Disk Utility in your utilities folder

3. Click on the "Mac OS X Install DVD" in the lower left hand side bar.

4. Depending on the version of Mac you are using, either click on the "New Image" icon on the top or go to File>New>Disk Image from "Mac OS X Install DVD". Save this image to your desktop. Leave Disk Utility open.

5. This disk image (.dmg) should also show up in the lower left side bar of the Disk Utility as well. Highlight the Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg file in the side bar. In the taskbar at the top, click on Images>Scan Image for Restore.

6. Insert the 8GB+ USB drive into the computer. Click on this drive in the Disk Utility. Click on the partition tab and choose 1 partition. Click Options and select GUID and click OK. You should name it something like SL Installer, but it doesn't really matter. Now click on Apply.

6. Click on the Restore tab. Drag the Mac OS X Install DVD.dmg icon to Source space. Drag the USB Drive icon to the Destination space. Uncheck Erase Destination box and click on Restore.

7. Download a copy of NebookInstaller 0.8.3 RC4.app.zip to your desktop on unzip. Open NetbookInstaller and uncheck everything but Chameleon 2.0 RC3. Select your USB Drive as the destination and click install.

8. Eject your USB Drive. You now have a bootable installation drive with SL on it.


Making Supplement USB Drive

1. Insert your 2nd USB into the computer and format it the same way as the first one.

2. Copy the NetbookInstaller 0.8.3 RC4.app.zip from the desktop to this drive.

3. You will also need a few more things to put on this drive. Here are a list of things to get. You may not need all of these, but then again you might, so downloading it is probably a good idea.

a. Look at this installation guide by MoonDogg http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=190295 and get the Extentions.mkext from his link. Thanks MoonDogg

b. VoodooHDA.kext


d. AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext

e. ApplePS2Controller.kext

4. Save all of these for later use.

5. Download a copy of Kext Helper B7 and save it on your drive.


Installing new Wifi card (you can do this before or after installing SL. I did it after)

1. Unfortunately, the stock Wifi card is not compatible with SL and there is no kexts to fix this problem. Believe me, I've looked.

2. Follow this video and swap out the wifi card. Thanks Dizzuncan.


3. Reassemble your netbook.


Installing Snow Leopard

1. Insert your SL Installer USB into your netbook.

2. Turn it on and hit F12 to change your boot order to boot from the USB instead of the hard drive.

3. When the installer comes up, select Utility>Disk Utility from the taskbar.

4. Select the netbook hard drive, click on the partition tab and partition the drive with 1 GUID partition. Be sure to name it what you want.

5. When it is done, follow the instructions and install SL on this drive. I chose to customize the install by removing the printer options and other items that I wouldn't need.

Note: When I did my 1005HAB, I ran the install twice and got the "Installation Failed" note on the first pass. I got it both times on my fiance's one(never got an "Installation Suceeded" at all, but it booted up ok) and got an "Installation Succeeded" on the first pass of my friends Asus. Go figure.

6. When done with installation, reboot. When the Apple comes up, hit any key and select the netbook hard drive. This will load SL. Go through all the account setup stuff until you get to your main desktop screen.

Note: If you eject your USB drive and try to reboot with out it inserted, it will not work.

7. While the desktop is loaded, insert the other USB drive into your netbook. Copy all of the contents on to the desktop.

Unzip the NetbookInstaller and install using only the Chameleon 2.0 RC3 and the General Extensions.

8. Open Extensions.mkext and copy to your Extras folder, replacing the extisting file.

9. Open Kext Helper B7 and install VoodooHDA.kext. Kext Helper is a great tool. You should save it in your Application folder.

10.Install PowerManagement.bundle

11. If your trackpad and keyboard worked during your account setup, then you don't need AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext or ApplePS2Controller.kext. If you needed to plug in a USB Keyboard and mouse to do your setup, then you need these. Use Kext Helper to install these. I had to install it on my netbook but not on the other 2 I had done.

12. If all has gone well, you can eject the USB drive and reboot. You have a working Hackintosh on an Asus EEE 1005 HAB.

13. If you want to update your Hackintosh to 10.6.2, go to the InsanelyMac.com homepage and read the article for 10.6.2 Brings Bad News for Hackintosh Netbooks and click on the link for instructions before you update to 10.6.2. Thanks to teateam


Final Note and Comments

If there is one thing I have learned from this, it is that even same brand and same model netbooks can differ in the installation method. Just like me, you need to find the best possible solution to your installation needs. Try different methods and look for patches and kexts to help fix minor problems with your system. The 3 netbooks I converted gave me a lot of issues, but I was able to find ways around them. Now they all work perfectly (except the ethernet ports, which we don't use anyway)


When I was done, with the installs that I did, I realized something in retrospect. The Asus EEE 1005 HAB does not have an access cover to reach the hard drive from the outside. You need to crack it open to get to it. Since you have to change the wifi card anyway, it wouldn't take much more to swap out the hard drive. If you use MoonDogg's install method with an external hard drive docking station, you can do all your set up first, then install the hard drive when you swap out wifi cards. This would work fine since I have tried and succeeded with his method using a portable hard drive.


Good Luck to you all

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Guest Juan Mosquera

Hey!!Thank for the guide... but do you have any updates? what about the wifi? I read that there is people that made it work. have you updated sl, are u using 10.6 well thank you so much!

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Hi. This is a great guide but I've hit a brick wall.I'm installing Snow Leopard 10.6 on an Asus 1005p.Using the guide and comments to the letter, everything goes fine...to a point. However despite installing SL and installing the extras and kexts as advised, the netbook will not boot from the internal drive.It looks like it is, but the grey Mac logo with grey spinning wheel below, suddenly has what looks like a traffic 'no entry' sign on the mac logo.In sys preferences the internal drive is not offered as a start up disk. Only the 'network' and 'USB Mac OSx'. And despite three installs, only once did I manage to get the netbook to boot from it's own drive.I've repartitioned the HD, and reinstalled but to no avail.Any idea at all why the netbook will not boot properly ?Advice gratefully received.Francis

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Hi, I'm running 10.6.7 on a 1005HAB and I have a problem with the Wired LAN Card. I've installed AttansicL1eEthernet.kext on my EFI partition and the Wired Card is getting a MAC Address, i'm getting cable connect/disconnect feedback, It's not receiving a DHCP address, I'm putting a static IP and can only ping localhost For everything else i get ping timeout and no route to host...Everything else (wifi, audio, battery meter, graphics, sleep) works fine (except the volume hotkeys)This are my kext installed on the efi patition:AppleACPIBatteryManager.kextAppelACPIPS2Nub.kextAppleIntelGMA950.kextAppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kextAsusHotkeys.kext (does not work for me)AttansicL1eEthernet.kextEvOreboot.kextfakesmc.kextIO80211Family.kextIOATAFamily.kextIOAudioFamily.kext (audio dependecy)IOGraphicsFamily.kext (graphics depency)IOHIDFamily.kext (Asus hotkeys dependecy)IONDRVSupport.kext (graphics dependency)IONetworkingFamily.kext (network dependency)IOUSBFamily.kextNullCPUPowerManagement.kextOSvKernDSPLib.kext (audio dependency)PaltformUUID.kextSleepEnabler.kextVoodooHDA.kextVoodooPS2Controller.kext

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