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Hi everyone! Nice plug-in, I hope it will help with my homemade osx86, but I think there is something I don't understand.

I have asus p4c800 deluxe with soundmax AC97 (ICH5, string is "24d58086") integrated audio and I can ear good stereo sound and mic works too, but no way to have surround sound. Before telling me to write in hardware or driver section, tell me if, with the following setting, I must have almost spdif digital sound through my logitech Z-5500 system.

I apologize for my bad english; now I have a cpu only sse2 capable and a graphic card with no QE/CI, so maybe I will not manage to obtain surrond due to lack of something in my pc, but I ask you the same:


1- sound output choice in system pref



2- line out config in midi setup app



3- I can configure multi channel when line out selected and ear white noise from each speaker, but QT decode ac3 audio always in two channel



4- spdif digital output selected but only bad sounds with coaxial cable connected



In a couple of week I'll have an Ati 9800 pro + prescott 3 ghz sse3 capable cpu, I hope I will manage to obtain surround sound in my system, is the only thing I need to say it is complete.

Please excuse me if I annoyed you, but I need the experience of others in digital sound.


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fabioxx, your post is wasted in this thread. this is about as randomly posted as one can imagine!

no one interested, will ever find it in here.


why don't you copy it over to a more appropriate area?


good luck. :blink:




Rammjet, i'm more and more impressed with this codec/plugin thing. wow! thanks again! :D

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Unfortunately, it does not play all .avi formats... :mellow:


it is a great plugin, and simplifyes the way to install all other codecs manually.


But I still have two !"§$$!% files of some sort of .avi movies, that will only play with VLC.


The info is this:





Any ideas? What codec am I missing?

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xtraa: Do those two files open in QuickTime player but play no audio? If so, does the get info window show '.mp2' as the audio codec? If so, then it might unfortunately be awhile before they're playable in QuickTime. If they show no audio in get info or MP3 audio or fail to open entirely, you might want to try sending a sample to the devs.

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Hi Yuvi,


thanks for the reply, I forgot to mention that it is the video that is not working (equals

black screen in QT.)


Audio codec is working fine, but I just get sound no video...

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