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Logo for NiceMac.com


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I have been working on Ideas for the logo contest on NiceMac and I came up with this as a Apple for my logo.




I like it. Does the whole M with the N as the stem. Making it look like N M for NiceMac (if you didnt notice :dev: ) I put a Glass effect on it and made it shine. I am not complete new to PS but I am still a noob when it come to some things.


If you want to Join the Contest, you could win $50!! (not bad) all you have to do is Join NiceMac.com and then look at the thread that has the rules. NiceMac.com is a New site for mac users that I just became a part of, and it is Run but GoodTime.


Here is a preview of my Entry to the contest, I really do still have allot to do on it but I just wanted to show what mine will kinda look like.




There is a white glow (3-4pxl) around the logo but you cant see it because of this website being white as well. Still working on it but hope to be finished with it by the weekend.




Dice :graduated:





Just did this one as well



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Just passing by to say hello and to say "turn off that computer and get some sleep Dice" i bet you are about to fried your eyes with the time you have spend in PS with the Nicemac.com logo contest.Well all i can say its you didnt wasted any minute of it, keep up the good work.Zealot.

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