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Current MacBook Situation


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Yeah! It's now working perfectly. After ages of putting up with the random shutdown non-sense i finally found the time to get it repaired at my local Apple store. It was actually the second trip that "real" repairs we're made. First trip all they did was re-seed the RAM, and had me reset the PMU. After that failed I got them to replace the heatsink. Originally they were replacing logic boards, then logic boards and heatsinks, but now they're only replacing heatsinks and that's it. The guy told me the logic board wasn't the source of the problem so whatever works. I'm happy with my new heatsink and old logic board.


After having the RSD it began corrupting some major files. Fore example the power button didn't work at all, along with many many apps. As a result i just re-installed Tiger while keeping my files. Hopefully I have no other problems. RSD was a pain. :dev:

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