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Last Saturday (Aug 19) I went to a vehicle activity called "Only for Women" that is sponsored by Nissan and a Radio program called Autos y Más (Cars and More). They chose me along a hundred more of 1400 registered women. Where we -my S.O. and me- went was a private racetrack dedicated to vehicle tests located near the city of Toluca, 70 Kilometers (43.5 Miles) away from the Mexico City. We arrive a 8:30 AM


Besides they gave us a safe handling theory they also allowed us to drove the vehicles of that brand, they take our lap times in two tests, Slalom and Parcour.


After de thoery session the test drivers drove the vehicles with us at maximum speed, a really exciting experience.


After the brunch it began to rain hard but even so it was very pleasant to continue participating in a test called the Peanut.


Of the time measured tests they chose the 10 better times to make a great Final from which I obtained the 2° place after They almost let me out of the test because they made a mistake when they took the first 5 better times of each of both groups that they formed to divide us in the beginning of the activity.


We came back home 12 hours later, we had a great time. :dev:


Videos on YouTube:


Click to play them.


I wrote this entry on Aug-25 and never hit the Publish button DUH :dev:

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