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Problems creating bootable media from iATKOS ML3U dmg with Transmac


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I don't have a Mac.

I am trying to create bootable media for a GA-x79-UD7 in UEFI mode. My source is iATKOS ML3U dmg. I have tried using Transmac 10.5 to restore a 3.0 16gb USB stick, an ESATA hard drive, and burning a dual layer DVD.

None of these boot to anything from my mobo. My BIOS version is F10. There is an F11w beta BIOS, dated 2012/11/1, but PLEASE don't tell me I have to flash to that!


All three show up in the UEFI bootlist, but when I select any of these media nothing happens. I just get a still cursor.

I checked the dmg MD5 checksum, and I run transmac in administrator mode. What might be wrong, and how can I proceed?


Is there a way to get bootable media from iATKOS ML3U dmg in Linux? I tried Googling this and I get a lot of noise. I am much more experienced in Linux then OS X.


Help most appreciated!

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That doesn't apply to USB bootable devices. My thumb drive can boot UEFI and legacy mode with a MBR partition scheme. When booting system disks in UEFI mode then indeed a ESP (EFI) is required, which is only available on GPT disks.

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